Calypso Cabaret Bangkok - Ladyboy Show at Asiatique

Created and constantly developed since 1987, Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok is a fantastic ladyboys show, live on stage with exciting lights and sounds. Enjoy seeing creatively crafted shows with acting, lip-sing musics, and dances. A thrilling entertainment that you should not miss while visiting Bangkok. 

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Tour Code: BKK-37
Departure: Every Day
Destination: Bangkok, Thailand
Duration: Show
Show Time: 19:30-20:45
Meal: None


  • Reservation:  Same Day Booking for Calypso Cabaret is possible, but before 16:30 hr
  • Availalble: Every Day



  1. BKK-37, Calypso Cabaret Show Ticket (Only) - timing 19:30-20:45
  2. BKK-37D, Calypso Cabaret Show Ticket and Dinner (Thai Set Menu and Thai Classical Dance) - timing:18:00-20:45
  3. BKK-37TC    Thai Classical Dance Only at Calypso Thai Restaurant (No Dinner): timing: 18:30
  4. BKK-37TD    Thai Classical Dance with Thai Set Dinner at Calypso Thai Restaurant : timing: 18:00


CALYPSO CABARET PRE-SHOW - First Lady, the Classic and Italy - Young, beautiful, handsome, 

OPENING THE MUST - open with Thailand ' s most extravagant legs ! And on top : Feathers! Of course ! 

THE CHINESE BALLAD - The story of a wounded love. But she , the bride,stands up against all conventions. She fights to get back her freedom. No happy end , but revelation! 

THE OSTRICH PARADE - Beloved Carmen Miranda riding ostriches , dancing her heart out and ending high up among the lights! 

WONDERGIRLS - from Korea came to Bangkok, on our stage and certainly not without that CALYPSO trademark : a twist (which we won't give away) 

BLOSSOM - That girl - these 3 guys : you haven't seen such a display of well, is it athleticism? is it acrobatics? is it dancing? Musical wit and sense of humour : CALYPSO PEOPLE at their best! 

GEISHA - You might not understand Japanese, but quickly you'll understand, why our Japanese audience is cracking up, when this geisha hits the ceiling of comical expertise. Top of the class! 

TACO FANTASY - Taco - SHE wants to be HE...HE helps HER to be HIM... HE helps HIM to be HER...SHE is the dancing delight for HIM...heavenly confusion of exclusive clearness under the surveillance of a heavenly squadron 

MARILYN - Diamonds...and she is one ! When you see her, could you believe she's on CALYPSO's stage -? She is ! Marilyn Monroe ! Incredibly ! 

ARIRANG - Wherever you see a show in Asia, this standard is a must and a most beautiful one! 9 lovely girls in perfect unison. This Korean love song will stay with your memory. 

ALL THAT JAZZ - 16 young and handsome and beautiful stunning gals and guys perform this superhit. Sophisticated, ironical, fast and daring! 

HOT HONEY RAG - And here we show you our deepest respect and admiration for the great BOB FOSSE: the original choreography of CHICAGO's Hot Honey Rag - danced by, well, our best ! 

LIKE THE FLOW OF THE RIVER - This is our reverence for MISORA HIBARI , Japan 's most beloved singer and her wonderful song ! Spiritual lyrics and a truly touching melody encouraged our interpretation. Serene and beautiful. 

I WHO HAVE NOTHING - The cutting edge standard! Executed true to style , sharp and charming , indeed! 

FINALE - Every one on stage ! Gals and guys ! Beautiful and handsome! Charming and loveable personalities! That is CALYPSO! 



Dinner is inclusive of Thai Dinner Set with Thai Dance at Calypso Thai Restaurant

  • Thai Dinner Set Menu:  Crispy Rice with Coconut Dipping Sauce, Pork Satay or Chicken Satay, Thai Curried Fish Cake, Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetable, Green Curry with Chicken, Tom Yum Kung, Steamed Rice, Fruits and Tea/Coffee
  • Thai Dance Show (time 18:30-19:15): The Sukhothai Dance, The Persuit of Suppanna Matcha, Phra Ram and Thotsakan in Combat, Dance of the Four Regions, and Pong Lang

Note:  The above list of menu and items is subject to change without prior notice.



  • For BKK-37, Calypso Cabaret Show ticket + 1 Free Drink
  • For BKK-37D, Calypso Cabaret Show ticket + 1 Free Drink and Dinner (Thai Set Menu and Thai Classical Dance)
  • For BKK-37TC: Thai Classical Dance Only + 1 Free Drink 
  • For BKK-37TD:  Thai Classical Dance + Thai Set Dinner (No Beverage)
  • and all the above are inclusive of All Booking Fees and Taxes


How to Get to Calypso Cabaret at Asiatique

  • Get taxi or Tuk Tuk from your hotel to Asiatique Riverfront, where Calypso Cabaret is located (the most convenient way).
  • You can also take the BTS Skytrain to the Taksin BTS Station and then continue by public boat, taxi or tuk tuk to Asiatique Riverfront.


Location Map


Child Policy:

  • Although there is no nudity during the show, child under 5 years old is not recommended and not allowed by Calypso.



  • Rates applcable to foreing tourists only
  • Show Programs are subject to change without prior notice
  • Cabaret Theater is held at Asiatique Riverfront on Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok 

General Terms and Conditions

  • The given time frame is an estimate timing only and can deviate due to traffic, road conditions, weather, pace of tourists and/or any unforeseen reason

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