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Overview & Country Facts

Thailand, being known as the land of smiles, the land of elephants and the land of Buddhism, is unique for its fascinating cultures, tradition, and philosophical attitude towards the world and life, making the country shrouded with mystery waiting for the wide-opened eyes and opened mind to explore its charming distinctiveness.

A number of magnificent temples in Bangkok, the stunning mountains in the north like Chiang Mai, the world famous beach resort with its vibrant nightlife in Pattaya, and the idyllic beaches and clear water in Phuket are just a few of Thailand's highlighted attraction. Thailand still implausibly has a large array of unseen pockets to discover. Meanwhile, Thailand is still graced with its charming tradition which remained strong among Thai people although affected by flows of modernization and westernization which make it one of the highly developed countries in the region. Buddhism has always played a significant role in the embodiment of Thai tradition, value, and attitude towards of people in society. This characteristic may be the real charm of Thailand which is represented as the simple lifestyle, peaceful mind, and optimism.

Now it comes to you to explore this land on your own route and with your own mind. It is up to you how you view Thailand. But one thing you can witness by yourselves: Thailand will be your travel paradise and will give you an exceptional experience for your lifetime.


Basic Facts of Thailand
Conventional Name Kingdom of Thailand
Local Name Thailand (formerly Siam)
Capital Bangkok
Independence 1238 Year of Establishment (never being colonized)
Constitution Constitutional Monarchy
Land Area 513,115 Sq. Kilometers
Climate Average: 29 degree Celsius but varies 9-38 degree Celsius 
Seasons Hot (March to May), Rainy (June to October) and cool (November to February)
Population 61,878,746 (year 2000)
Language Thai; English is widely understood in cities
Sex Ratio 0.97 male/female
Birth Rate 1.66%
Death Rate 0.75%
Labor Force 32.6 million
Literacy 93.8% (Age 15 and over)
Religion Buddhism 92.55%, Muslim 5.29%, Christianity 1.34%, Others 0.79% (2000)
Currency Thai Baht
Exchange Rate 44.5 Baht / US$ (approx. 2001)
GDP US$ 413 Billion (est. 2000)
Time GMT+7
Airport Tax 500 Baht for International
  40 Baht for Domestic
Electricity 220 Volts 50 cycles
Clothing Thin Cotton is best. A jacket or sweater may be necessary in cool season, especially in the mountainous area in North and Northeast



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