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Thailand Travel Information: Chakri Dynasty

Chronology of present-day dynasty of Thailand:


King Buddhayodfa The Great - Rama I, 1782 - 1809

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The first King of the Chakri Dynasty, moved the capital city from Thonburi to Bangkok and built the Grand Palace that houses the Emerald Buddha. Helped release Thailand from Burmese control, after succumb of Ayuthaya 14 years earlier.


King Buddhaloetla - Rama II, 1809 - 1824

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The first great poet king of the Chakri Dynasty, renowned for his literatures.


King Nangklao - Rama III, 1824 - 1851

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Extensively encouraged international trading and education, enhance promotion of Buddhism, and build many temples.


King Monkgut - Rama IV, 1851-1868

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Modernized Thailand in both commerce and education. Knowns as "Father of Thai Scientist" and famous for his astronomy, benevolence, courage, and vision. Prepare his children to meet the changing world. Mrs. Anna Leonowen was hired to teach English lessons to his royal children, as written in the famous book "The King and I".


King Chulalongkorn the Great - Rama V, 1868 - 1910

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One of the most beloved and revered king who abolish slavery, extensively contacted the Western world, modernized government education, transportation, and communication.. His diplomatic skill saved Thailand from being colonized during colonial period.


King Vajiravudh - Rama VI, 1910 - 1925

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Another great poet king. Continue the work of Rama V in modernizing Thailand. Promote education, and establish Boy Scout in Thailand


King Prajadhipok - Rama VII, 1925 - 1935

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Granted the Constitution to Thailand in 1932. Thailand changed from Absolute Monarchy to Constitutional Monarchy.


King Ananda Mahidol - Rama VIII, 1935 - 1946

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A direct grandson of King Rama V. Ascending the throne after King Rama VII's abdication. Being assassinated in 1946


King Bhumibol Adulyadej - Rama IX, 1946 to Present

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A true monarch of the people and guiding light for the whole Thai nation. Saved Thailand from being communism and many crises of civil wars, try to raise living standard of the poors especially in remote region. Expected to receive title "the Great". Brother of Rama VIII, succeeding the throne since childhood.




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