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Sports Activities - Land and Water Sports 

Numerous land and water sport activities can be carried out in Pattaya. Popular land sports include golf, tennis, go-karts, squash, badminton, bowling, jogging, paintball and motor-racing. Major water sports include , parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and bungee jumping.

Land Sports


Golfers can enjoy challenging rounds at 9 scenic 18-hold course near the resort, and a small course at Asia Hotel. In most cases, clubs, shoes and other equipment can be rented, and green and caddy fees are eminently reasonable. During week days, there are few courses that need to be booked in advance.


Tennis can be enjoyed at 14 Pattaya Hotels, where preference is given to the hotel's guests. Certain hotels have tennis coaches


Available at the 400 and 700 meter track Pattaya Kart Speedway, at Mini Siam, K.R. Gokart, and the 1,080-meter track for professional drivers at the Bira International Circuit.


Available at the Cherry Tree Pub on the Siam Country Club Golf Course road, the Dusit Resort Pattaya and Ambassador City, Jomtien.


Paintball is a game of skill, strategy and daring normally played outdoors in a woodland setting. Players are dressed in camouflage gear, and use paintball-marking guns. Two equal teams compete against each other, the objective is to capture your opposition’s flag and get it back to your home base. During the game, players are eliminated when a paintball hits them and bursts, marking them with a vivid coloured non-toxic dye that easily washes off. For more information http://www.paintballpark-pattaya.com/


Pattaya Badminton Court on Soi 17 is open 24 hours a day.


Three alleys cater for bowlers, the Pattaya Bowl on Pattaya Road 2, an alley in the Royal Jomtian Hotel and the OD Bowl in South Pattaya.


A jogging track is an integral part of the pleasantly landscaped Pattaya Fitness Park located near the summit of Pattaya Hill. Certain hotels have jogging tracks. Jogging is also enjoyable along the promenades facing Pattaya Bay, and along the Jomtien Beach.

Motor Racing

The Bira International Circuit at 14 Km on Route 36 to Rayong periodially stages international motor and motocycle racing. The 2.4 kilometer track is ideal for Formala 3 racing. There are daily opportunities for own two-wheel or four-wheeled vehicles around the challenging track for nominal fees.


A handgun and rifle range with 19 fully equipped and airconditioned galleries is open daily at Tiffany's on Pattaya 2 Road.

Horse Riding

Available at the Horse Sport Center at 11 Km on Route 36 (near the Bira International Circuit). Mountain and jungle rides are made on Australian thoroughbreds. Riding lessons are offered

Water Sports

Water Skiing

The most popular venues are the northern and southern Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach and Ko Lan Island. Fresh water skiing is available at Lakeland Cable Water Ski at 150.5 km on Sukhumvit Highway.


Jomtien Beach is the major center for windsurfing. Tuition is widely available for beginners. The Pattaya Windsurf Club on Jomtien Beach regularly stages board competitions. October through June are the best months for windsurfing.


The most popular rentals are Lasers, Prindles and Hobbie Cats.Sailing is a year-round sport in Pattaya's waters.


Expeditions are organized by many operators. Waters surrounding Manwichai, Ri and Kram islands are popular for the pursuite of marlin, king mackerel, barracuda and others.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

These water sports are popular around Pattaya's offshore islands, particularly those furthest from Pattaya Bay, namely Ko Pai, Ko Manwichai, Ko Luam and Ko Rim.


This sport can be found throughout the resort and is featured at several hotels with their own private beaches, and is perhaps best enjoyed at Ko Lan where floating and take-off and landing platforms mean flight occurs exclusively above the sea.

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