Koh Samui Tours Thailand

Day Trips, Excursion, and Sightseeing

We are pleased to present Koh Samui Tours which contains a wide variety of sightseeing in the area. The list below covers the highlights of Samui Island and its surrounding to the unspoiled islands and the sea. Different types of excursions are available such as sailing,, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, and safari such as elephant ride and 4wd. You can reserve the tours online!

Koh Samui Half Day Tour

Explore around Koh Samui by land to see the landmarks of the island such as the Grandpa and Grand Ma rock formation, waterfall, market town, and temple.


Tour Around Samui Island, Aquarium & Tiger Show

Sightseeing around Koh Samui and discover the impotant landmarks of this beautiful island such as the Big Buddha statue, temples, aquarium and see the tiger show.


Koh Tao & Koh Nang Yuan Tour by Boat

A diving and snorkeling paradise, 70 km further north of Samui located in the clearest and best underwater visibility in the Gulf of Thailand. It is a home of various coral species where you can find abundant of tropical marine life, giant clams, and colorful fish that you can feed them with bread by your hand.


Angthong Marine Park by Tour Boat

Take a fantastic boat cruise to the scenic Angthong National Marine Park where you climb up to see the beautiful Emerald Lake. Relax on the secluded white sandy beaches and swimming.


Kayaking at Angthong by Tour Boat

Take an exciting kayaking experience in the Angthong National Marine Park at the secluded Koh Mae Island and Koh Tai Plao and discover magical caves and amazing rock formation during kayak navigation.


Coral Island (Koh Tan) - Koh Samui

Take a cruise trip to the Coral Island, a primitive island with a small pristine village and still no car and no roads. The island is surrounded by coral reefs along the white sandy beaches that both snorkelers and sun bathing lovers can join together.


Big Game Fishing Tour from Koh Samui

Enjoy the day to a Big Game Fishing to the prime fishing sites at Koh Som or Koh Pha Ngan.


Koh Samui Exclusive Safari Tour

This safari tour on Koh Samui offers a marvelous way to be in close touch with the nature and the animals.  Apart from experiencing a soft elephant trek, you will also enjoy the baby elephant bath.  See interesting shows - such as the Elephant show, Monkey show and the Crocodile show: 


Boat Cruise around Samui

Spend your day by cruising around Koh Samui and visit the deserted beaches of Koh Tan (Coral Island ) and Koh Madsum where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.


Samui Explorer Tour by 4wd - Elephant Ride, Monkey Show, Kayak

Explore Koh Samui serene territory on a 4-wheel-drive (4wd) and enjoy your day visiting the elephant village where you will experience an exiting elephant ride, see a marvelous monkey show and hike into the jungle to the waterfall.  Discover the mangrove forest through kayaking...


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