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Cambodia is a changing country.  Equip yourself with our travel tips and country facts so that you can travel with fun and comfort.  We frequently update the current situations and news on Cambodia.


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  1. Cambodia Visa
  2. Cambodia Airport Tax
  3. Currency
  4. Shopping
  5. Food
  6. Restaurants & Dining
  7. Local Handicrafts

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1.   Cambodia Visa

Unlike other countries, Cambodia visa can be applied for and issued upon arrival at airports for entering by air, whether in the capital city Phnom Penh, or at Siem Reap- a home province of Angkor Wat - where direct flight from Bangkok is available these days. Travelers must bring along one passport-size photograph and their passport. Application form is distributed for by the Government Immigration upon arrival. The fee is US$20 for a one-month visa payable in USD cash upon issuance on arrival.


2.  Airport Tax


Entry into Cambodia by air, airport taxes payable upon each departure is applied. For international destination, the cost is US$20. For domestic destination, the cost is US$14.


3. Currency & Monetary System


Cambodian currency is Riels, which is circulated in mere form of cash note with tradable denomination commencing from 100; 200; 500; 1000; 2000; 5000; 10000; 20000; 50000; 100000.

Due to high rate of inflation, which is 4000 riels/USD at this time of writing, Cambodian households and business prefer to apply USD cash in the course of daily business. For this reason, it is common to see USD cash is widely accepted for trading all over Cambodia.

Cambodia has its national bank called The National Bank of Cambodia, and several privately-owned banks operating in major cities. Due to a lack of faith, most Cambodian households and business have not applied banking system for check accounts or whatsoever. They have accounts open with the National Bank of Cambodia and with private banks, but this is just in favor of easing necessary Overseas Transfers.

Credit cards and traveler cheques have to be encashed, which can be done with banks in Phnom Penh only, for trading in Cambodia. However, some major hotels or business in Phnom Penh accept credit cards and traveler cheques on condition that compensation charge with rates from 2% up.

Tourists are advised to make use of USD cash for personal petty cash.


4. Shopping


The renowned Central Market ( New Market) is one of the largest and busiest markets in Phnom Penh, which is most popular for locals and foreigners. Located in the heart of the capital, the renowned large building is designed by French architect. There are a varieties of items on sales such as souvenir gifts, artifacts dated back to French Indochina era, jewelry, household appliances and nearly every thing you can think of.

The Toul Tom Pong Market ( The Russian Market) is the city's best source of object dárt. Items for sales including miniature Buddha, various ritual objects and old Indochinese coins. There are also quite a few gold smiths and silversmiths inside the market.

The Olympic market, owned by one of Cambodia's most powerful tycoon. A great deal of wholesaling is done at the Olympic Market, near the Olympic Stadium. The market was upgraded and reopened in 1994 as the first three-floor covered market in the Kingdom.


5.  Food


Rice and fish are the basic food items among the Khmer people. Famous classical Khmer specialty widely enjoyed up to now are: Nhaom (a popular cuisine comprises of vinegar, dried fish and herb and vegetable); Kor Kor ( normally cooked with fish and a mix of vegetables ); Amok (fish cooked in coconut); Samlor Machu (vinegar soup cooked with fish and mixed with a variety of vegetables). Other dishes cooked with pork, chicken, beef arealso the main diets.

Chinese and Western menus are commonly available in the capita of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.


6.  Restaurants / Dining


In Phnom Penh:

FCCC (Foreign Correspondents' Club of Cambodia) - right facing the Mekong river serving French cuisine and is a meeting spots from all sorts of people including reporters, journalist and NGOs living in Phnom Penh. It provides a good opportunity for all kind of nationalities from around the world sharing information.

Miramar Restaurant - a convenient location recommended for lunch and start making tours. Most tour operators are taking their customers to this restaurants as hygiene and sanitation are ensured. Moreover, the restaurant provides good Chinese and European menus.

Restaurant Village - Further down the Japanese-Cambodian Friendship bridge, nearly 300 restaurants are closely linked on both side of the main road over looking the river or inside the large lake, making a memorable Cambodia's farewell meals. It serves Cambodian foods and is also a chance for those who want to enjoy a free traditional classical dance, Rocks and Roll music during their dinner, as most restaurants provides performance thereof. For more enjoyable, we are pleased to recommend its clients to take a boat trip from Sofitel Cambodiana and back by cars. It is recommended for dinner.

Located near the river in the capital, Apsara, Cambodiana Hotel and FCCC (The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Cambodia) offer Khmer, French and Chinese menus. The FCCC is a good meeting spot whereby up-to-date information about Cambodia, particularly politics and business, can be obtained fast.

Down the bridge cross the river locates the restaurants village offering a wide range of local specialties and performance of traditional and modern dances and music. A few minutes from the capital, customers can enjoy fresh evening air in nice restaurants decorated with gentle lights, which look so romantic.

Lobby Lounge at Hotel Inter.Continental-Phnom Penh located inside the Capital also offer international and local flair for a varieties of Khmer and foreign menus accompanied by gentle local and international music.

 In Siemreap:

Bayon - located in the centre of Siemreap, a romantic place during the night capturing the sound of silence that bring back the memory of Angkor sites during the day. It is an unescaped once serving Western - Asian and Chinese foods. However, Siemreap town still provides a limited places for meals, therefore having meal inside the hotel is also encouraged.

Arun (English speaking staff), Banteay Srei and Bayon Restaurant are good at offering Khmer and Western food. However, Bayon Restaurant with garden terrace at the back is a favorite place in town for foreigners working with NGOs and travelers alike serving breakfast, lunch, dinner.

In Sihanoukville

The Koh Pos serving a varieties of seafood is favorite for both locals and foreigners, set on a small beach good for photo shoots. Outstanding dishes are steamed fish, crabs or shrimps braised in pepper. Bienvenue and Les Feuilles are also nice place on beach, run by Khmer-Franco families, serving good food and fresh coffee and good drinks. Mealy Chenda is favorite for most foreigners serving Khmer, Thai and international food, having good view as it overlooks islands, sea and international port.

7.  Local Handicraft


National Centre of Disabled Persons and Wat Than Showroom in the capital city feature a wide range of locally hand crafted products by the Cambodian people with disabilities. Woven, stamped and carved products decorated and designed in unique style are made of silk and cotton fabrics, rattan, bamboo , wood and clays. Customers can choose from their most favorite items on sales such as silk scuffs, purses and handbags, clothing, furnishings, paintings and the other light and heavy items. The lively and beautiful hand crafted items made from best silk fabric by Cambodian disabled persons help confirm an ideal---- the disabled are truly able.


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