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Cambodia -  Phnompenh is the capital of Cambodia.   Main attractions in Phnompenh are suggested for travelers to visit such as Wat Phnom, National Museum, Silver Pagoda, Tuol Sleng and Choeng Ek Killing Fields.


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Wat Phnom

Beautifully man-made hill as the namesake of Phnom Penh. Built in 1372 by a wealthy lady known Lady Penh. Wat Phnom surrounded by largely shaded trees is a favorite place for the city dwellers in the late afternoon and place where local merchants pray for fortune in life. The temple is built on top and houses statues of Buddhist and its walls are decorated with old paintings depicting Rama's life. Driving around Wat Phnom, you can see colonial prime location such as post office, Ministry of Telecommunication and Transport and other residents dated back to French colonial time.


National Museum

Wherein a collection of priceless Khmer arts and artifacts, particularly sculptures dated back to pre and Angkor era. Attractive building next to the Royal Palace was designed by French archeologist and painter George Groslier in 1920. Inside the compound, you will see a small artificial pond with clear water fill with lotus flowers.


Silver Pagoda

Located on the same compound of the Royal Palace thus you can gaze into the palace for beautiful throne hall and classically beautiful garden blossomed with flowers, with an exhibition of the Royal jewelry and presents from foreign dignitaries inside the pagoda. The pagoda is also famous for housing 90kg golden Buddha encrusted with 9,584 diamonds, and its floor is comprised of more than 5,000 silver blocks which weigh nearly 6 ton. Built by King Norodom in 1892 to enshrine Royal ashes and then rebuilt by Sihanouk in 1962.


Toul Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crime

Before the Khmer Rouge regime rose to power, it was initially just a high school. Subsequently, it was converted into a deadly prison known as Security Prison 21 by the Khmer Rouge who ruled Cambodia between 1975-1979. Toul Sleng was where more than 20, 000 Cambodian people were tortured and interrogated before sending to the execution at the Killing Fields. Countless number of innocent people died in Toul Sleng during detention and interrogation, whose corpses were thrown into mass graves in the school ground. Going from one room to another of the school, visitors can see blood-stained wall, photographs of the tortured victims and those awful equipments used by the Khmer Rouges in act of torturing and execution. Located downtown, Toul Sleng could be of mentally disturbing site, and is not recommended for those tourists who are easily shocked.


Cheung Ek Killing Fields

After the victims were being tortured and interrogated at Toul Sleng Security Prison 21, the Khmer Rouge sent them to the Cheung Ek Killing Fields, located 19 Km by 20-minute drive from Phnom Penh for execution. At the scene, visitors can see massive graves together with cracked skulls of men, women and children exhumed from 129 mass graves. It is estimated that around 40,000 Cambodians were murdered at Cheung Ek between 1975-1978. The site is of mentally disturbing, and not recommended for those tourists who get shocked easily.



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