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Air tickets for Thailand with domestic flights and airfares from & to Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket, Samui and other cities in Thailand.   Book air flight in Thailand online...

From Bangkok to (or vice versa):
Classes Economy Class Business Class 
Destination  One-way Return One-Way Return
Chiang Mai 2,670 5,340 3,670 7,340
Chiang Rai 3,440 6,880 4,440 8,880
Had Yai 3,490 6,980 4,490 8,980
Kon Kaen 2,400 4,800 3,400 6,800
Krabi 3,460 6,920 4,460 8,920
Pitsanuloke 2,280 4,560 3,280 6,560
Phuket 3,125 6,250 4,125 8,250
Surat Thani 3,240 6,480 4,240 8,480
Ubon Ratchathani 2,795 5,590 3,795 7,590
Udon Thani 2,685 5,370 3,685 7,370
* All above fares are in Thai Baht and operated by Thai Airways
* Only Bangkok-Samui - operated by Bangkok Airways; (M) & (Y) is Economy Class with 3 months validity. There are more seats on Class Y than M, so there is more chance to get the confirmed seat.

General Remarks:-
  • The above rates are airfares in Thai Baht per Air Ticket.
  • Fares are effective for ticketing on 01 Oct 07 - 31 Mar 08.
  • Ticket must be electronic ticket only.
  • All airport taxes and other surcharges are Excluded.
  • After ticket issuance, name change is not permitted.
  • Passenger no show charge 50pct of normal fare.
  • All fares and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  • We have included 100 Baht (one-way) and 200 Baht (roundtrip) for our service fees.
  • Child fare (2-11 years) pay 50% of the above fares
  • Infant less than 2 years pay 10% of the above fares
  • The air tickets can be delivered to your hotel in Bangkok, if in downtown, after you arrive free of charge. We can courier the air tickets to your home country by DHL at an additional fees of USD 20-30 per DHL delivery.

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