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Vietnam Visa Procedure


Applicable for Tour Booking only

For the clients who book the tour packages with us, we can arrange the Vietnam visa upon arrival, provided the authorization be done in advance with following procedures:

1) Send us your Passport details either by fax or by E-mail with the following information

  • Family Name and Giving Name
  • Title (Mr., Mrs., Miss)
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Date of Passport Issued
  • Date of Passport Expiry
  • Date of your Birth Occupation
  • Date of Arrival in Vietnam with Flight Number and Time

It takes us 4 working days to get the authorization. In urgent case, we can process it within 2 working days.

2) Once the authorization is approved, we will fax you the Visa Approval Letter which should be carried with you into Vietnam. You may have to show this letter when you board the plane.

Important Note:
It is important that you have to arrive in Vietnam on the specified date and flight number. In case you have to change the arrival date or the flight number/time after the visa authorization is complete, a revised visa approval letter is necessary. It takes 2-4 working days for the revision.

3) The Vietnam Visa will be stamped upon arrival with the visa fee of US$ 25 per person to be paid to the Immigration Officials at the airport. You have to show the visa pre-approval letter in order to get the actual visa. (2 Passport-sized photos are required).

It is possible for travelers to get Vietnam visa from the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in ones' country, if there is any. The Vietnam visa fee can be varied in different countries and generally ranges from US$ 50 to US$ 80 depending the fee imposed by that Embassy or Consulate. This can be double or triple from the actual official announcement of US$ 25.
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