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Ho Chi Minh City (formally called Saigon)

The "City of Love" has alwaHochiminh City is located in the northern edge of the Mekong Delta and along the Saigon River (the name of a fantastic river flowing across the city. This river gave birth to Saigon).

This city is one of the three biggest municipalities in Vietnam, with population of over 5 million also the largest city in Vietnam and also the center of industry, commerce, tourism and international communication.

Being a big city (as Hochiminh City) with a focus of many valuable products, tasty fruits, large hotels enclosed excellent services, consumer goods and a great deal of handicrafts attracting tourists and interesting places such as: Nharong Wharf where president of Hochiminh left home to look for the way of national salvation in 1911, Unification Assembly Hall, the city is a leading tourist center of the whole country. Besides, there are such places of interest as the Museum of history, the municipal zoological garden, lacquer production factories... That is the "Pearl of the Far East" which is called formerly, nowadays it becomes an attractive place for tourists and foreign investors proposing diplomatic relation and co-operation in travel and trading.


Cu Chi Tunnels

Situated about 75 km from Hochiminh City, CuChi Tunnels is the best known place for during the Vietnam War. Cu Chi Tunnels lay above network of underground tunnels which reach a total length of 250 km, and enable resistance fighters to move around unobserved. Visitors can go down into a section of the tunnels which have been maintained.



It is about 99 km from Hochiminh City, and is a place attracted by Cao Dai religion. Coming here, visitors can take sightseeing to Caodai Holysee. The best position to see is from a balcony which overlooks the chequered floor of the nave. From there, beyond the highly decorative pillars you can see a great globe with a large eye perched on top of the main altar.


Song Be

This is a South-east Vietnam province measuring 9,859 sq. km with its north-south length of 200 km and east-west width of 80 km, bordering Cambodia in the North, Hochiminh City in the South, Danang Province in the east and Tayninh in the West.

Highlights of Song Be:

  • Chau Thoi mountain,
  • Dau Tieng Lake,
  • Lo O Spring Tourist Zone,
  • Binh An Lak Tourist Zone and Soc Siem,
  • Thien Hau Thanh Mau's Temple,
  • Tibetan Pagoda,
  • Lai Thieu
  • Fruit-tree Gardens,
  • Hoi Khanh Pagoda.

Cat Tien

The Cat Tien forest borders on three provinces: Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Song Be, is about 200 km from Hochiminh City. This is a primeval forest with an area of about 10,000 ha, suitable for life environment of animal, of rare and unusual creatures with a number of animals such as birds, crocodiles, species of python, and etc. Besides, numerous species of insect attract visitors who like to discover and to inspect them.



Situated 125 km from Hochiminh City, is a famous seaside resort in Vietnam, known under the French as Cap Saint - Jacques. Vungtau beaches are easily to reach from Saigon. There are main beaches including front beach and back beach. Visitors can take bathing at back beach. Besides, visitors also pay visit to mountains by climbing into it for sightseeing Peninsula's mountains. A number of interesting religious sites around town consist of several pagodas and huge standing statue of Jesus blessing the East Sea. Vungtau is nowadays considered as the center of producing oil. Many foreign companies have come here for investing and exploring on oil.

Highlights of Vungtau

  • Nirvana Meditation retreat (Niet Ban Tinh Xa)
  • Whale Temple (Lang Ca Ong)
  • Giant Jesus
  • White Villa (Bach Dinh)
  • The Lighthouse (Nui Nho)
  • Buddha Shrine (Thich Ca Phat Dai).

Binh Chau

About 150 km from Hochiminh City is the Binh Chau thermal spring (maximum temperature: 85 degree Celsius) which is said to have curative properties for a number of diseases. A hot bath in a tub will make visitors feel fresh and relaxed after a long trip. The diversified photography of forests, beaches, lakes, hills and creeks also create favorable conditions for such outdoor activities as camping, trekking, fishing...the area is also convenient for scientific research work on primeval fauna and flora of tropical sea and forests.

Highlights of Binh Chau:

  • Thermal Spring, Ho Coc Beach, and Primeval forests.

Con Dao

About 100 miles of Vungtau, is a group of 14 islands with an area of 20 square kilometers, heavily forested, ringed with bays, beaches and coral reefs. The island is mountainous with peaks at almost 600 meters height. There are superb views of ocean, sandy beaches and few hotel rooms not luxurious. Coming to this island of 2000 inhabitants, tourists can pay visit to "Chuong Cop, "Chuong Bo" where they were used as prisons for opponents of French colonialism.

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