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All foreign visitors visa before entering the countries. Visa can be applied at the Vietnam Embassy or consulate in your country with an application form, original Passport and 3 photos. Now, travelers may also obtain visa upon arrival at the airport with special requirement. The fees do vary depending upon the country. For complete information, please refer to Vietnam Visa.

Vietnam has become more liberalized now in issuing its visa to the foreign visitors. In many countries, you can apply direct to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulates, and generally, it takes about 4-10 days. Now the visitors can also obtain the visa upon arrival at the airport with special requirement.

1. Application of Visa at Vietnam Embassy

Fill in an application form and submit it with your original Passport, 2-3 photos with visa fees to the Embassy or Consulate, who in turn, has to send the information to get the approval from Hanoi. After 4-10 days depending upon the country, you will get the visa stamp onto your Passport.

SPECIAL NOTE: For our clients, we will process the visa authorization with Hanoi in advance, and then fax to you the pre-approval letter, of course, Free of Charge! This will facilitate you to get Vietnam visa stamp from the Embassy in your country at a much shorter time - generally within 2-3 days (Submit this pre-approval letter with the signed application form, Passport, 2-3 photos, and visa fees).

2. Getting Vietnam visa at the Airport

The most important document that you need to have before travel is the special pre-approval letter to authorize visa upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam. We are able to provide this pre-approval letter if the tour was booked with us (min. 3 days). Extension of your own stay is possible.

NOTE: For our clients, we will provide this special pre-approval letter, Free of Charge! However, you will have to pay USD 25 per person to the immigration for visa stamp fee upon arrival. This is highly recommended as it is time-saving - you do not have to travel at least twice to the embassy. It takes us at least 5 working days to process this letter. (You can find specific procedures at Vietnam Visa Procedure)


Single Entry Tourist Visa: USD 25 (or more) Multiple Entry: USD 40 - USD 100

Although the official rates announced by Vietnam Authority are posted as above, we experienced that these rates are quite inconsistent and might be varied in different country. For more specific fees, you can call to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your country.


Maximum 30 days (but please also read our advice)

Vietnam Visa Approval Letter On-line Service

To get pre-approval letter for Vietnam visa, we require the following information, which can be sent to us by E-mail or by Fax:

  • Family Name and Giving Name
  • Title (Mr., Mrs, Miss)
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Date of Passport Issued
  • Date of Passport Expiry
  • Date of your Birth Occupation
  • Date of Arrival in Vietnam

You also have to specify - WHERE you would like to get your visa stamp - at the airport upon arrival or at the Embassy in your country. Once processing starts, it could not be changed without extra cost, and more delay.

Once approved, we will fax to you this pre-approval letter.

Information Update
More than 5 years ago, the Embassy no longer accepts visa application with Passport photocopy and did not issue the Vietnam visa on a piece of paper as they had done before. However, sometime we still received enquiries about this type of application as some tourists had gotten this information from old guidebooks. We, therefore, confirm here that this procedure does no longer exist.

Important Notes on Vietnam Visa:
During your filling up of Vietnam Visa application form, there are a few points that you should know:

1. Date of Entry and Exit in Vietnam.

You have to specify the above information on the application form. The visa validity is generally given in accordance with your specified in and out date. Since a maximum stay of 30 days is allowed to a foreign tourist, you should apply with full use of it. For example, if you were to entered Vietnam on 20 September 1999, we recommend that you fill in the exit date on 19 October 1999, though you just stayed for a few days.

Beware of the Entry Date! You could not enter Vietnam before the specified Entry Date. In contrast, you should not depart Vietnam after the specified Exit Date.

2. Port of Entry and Exit of Vietnam

Just fill in Hochiminh City for entry and Hanoi for exit; you will be allowed entry and exit at both points. From our experience, it seems that the consulates issue the visa with the above ports by default. If you were to enter from the other points, such as Danang (new international entry/exit point), or Mocbai (a border point between Cambodia and Vietnam), you must specify it clearly. Do not forget to check if this border point was clearly stated on your visa in your Passport, otherwise, you will have a big problem during border crossing.


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