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Thai Dinner with Thai Classical Dance Show
at Silom Village

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Duration:  Dinner

Code:  BKK-36


You will never be disappointed to spend an evening at Silom Village Thai & Seafood Restaurant. We are pleased to offer you an original Thai cuisine and seafood provided daily as fresh as everything is captured from the sea in a minute you ordered.



While having dinner, you will enjoy our classical Thai dance performs through classical Thai music and also get a spiritual food from our classical workshops designed to provide a complete and fun learning experience of secret techniques preparing, Thai desserts and soap carving making through a combination of information and entertaining activities.

Besides Thai cuisine, Silom Village must present, Buono, Italian Restaurant and Chateau, Wine Cellar. Every second of your evening in Silom Village will be in the tender care of our service-minded staffs. If you want to spend an evening, spend an unforgettable evening at Silom Village.

Open Dialy For Dinner From 07.30 p.m.

Show time 08:20 p.m. - 09:10 p.m.


From Now until 30 October 2012

Thai Set Dinner: 600 Baht/pax
Seafood Set Dinner: 1,050 Baht/pax

  • No Transfer service
  • This price not include drinking water



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