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Tad Fane Waterfall, Bolaven PlateauTropical forests, home to many rare species of flora and fauna are found in comparative abundance throughout Laos. As a consequence, Laos offers great attractions to a growing number of eco-tourists. By establishing necessary facilities, Laos intends to position itself as a unique travel destination. It wants to avoid the negative impact on its environment which are a feature of traditional forms of tourism. In particular, Laos intends to preserve its typical culture and natural habitats. These measures shall help avert the imminent threats to nature in Laos such as shifting cultivation, chasing of rare animals, and widespread logging of primary forest.

A model for a resort operated in an ecologically friendly way is Tat Lo. Located in Saravane province on the banks of the Se Set river, it is constructed almost entirely from native materials using local techniques. Trekking and river rafting can be arranged in the area. Other regions such as Dong Hua Sao area in Champassack province are currently being surveyed with regard to their suitability for eco-tourism.


The different ethnicities of Laos, especially in One of the key attractions of travel in Laos is the opportunity to be exposed to a culture in which more than 47 ethnic groups are represented. While many travelers concentrate their attention on the sights of Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Xieng Khouang and Champassack, travels to more remote areas are also rewarding.

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