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Dining Out & Shopping

Dining Out

Lao food is spicy and delicious. It is served in communal dishes with meat, fish, chicken and vegetables. Glutinous rice, mostly served with other dishes, is eaten with fingers.

In major cities, European, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes are also served in many restaurant.

Where to eat


Golden Fish Garden Restaurant
No. 13 Road
Bane Donenoun
Tel: 732002, 732016

Kua Lao Restaurant
111 Samsenthai Road
Tel & Fax: 215777

Lao Residence Restaurant
308 Thatluang Road
Tel: 413562

Mekong Restaurant
Km 4 Thadeua Road
Tel: 312480, 313016, 313017

Soukvimane Restaurant
081/13 Bane Sisaket
Tel: 214441


Daoheung Restaurant
Oudomsinh Street
Bane Sounantha
Tel: 041-212536

Daoleuang Restaurant
Phetsarath Road
Bane Xayamunkhune
Tel: 041-212477

Savanh Banehao
Senena Road
Bane Xayamunkhun
Tel: 041-212735, 212202

Luang Prabang

Bane Lao Restaurant
Chaovannasenethai Road
Bane Mano
Luang Prabang district
Tel: 071-212438

Duang Champa
Khaemkhan Road
Bane Vatsene
Luang Prabang district
Tel: 071-212420

Vixun Restaurant
154/4 Vixounarath Road
Bane Vixoun
Luang Prabang district
Tel: 071-212268

Luang Prabang Restaurant
Vixunnarath Road
Bane Vixun
Luang Prabang district
Tel: 071-212381


No.9 Restaurant
Bane Thaluang
Pakse district
Tel: 031-212068

Bane Thasalakhame
Pakse district
Tel: 031-212611

Saykhong Restaurant
Bane Pakse
Pakse district
Tel: 031-212516


Laos is ideal place for buying handicrafts and souvenirs. Vientiane city offers a wide variety of Shopping opportunities. Varieties of handmade product of wood, gold, silver or precious stones are widely sold in department store (Talat Sao), many shops and market. But shopping is not limited to Vientiane city. All the major provinces are also offered with variety of shopping opportunities.

Every visitor should remember that it is forbidden to take any antiques or Buddha images (which are older than 50 years) out of the country. Therefore such items brought into Laos from other countries have to be declared at customs.

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