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Interesting Cambodia Tours with travel to Angkor Wat Temples in Siemreap. Visit Bayon, Banteay Srei, Rolous Group, Elephant Terrace, East and West Mebon, or take the boat trip along the Tonle Sap Lake.

River Cruise from Siemreap to Phnompenh and sightseeing is available

For the 1st time in Cambodia tourism, you can fly directly to Siemreap from Bangkok. 




AKR-01 VIS Angkor 1 Nights & Phnompenh 1 night 3 Days/2 Nights
AKR-02 VIS Angkor 2 Nights & Phnompenh 1 night 4 Days/3 Nights
AKR-03 VIS Angkor 3 Nights & Phnompenh 1 night 5 Days/4 Nights
AKR-04 VIS Angkor 4 Nights & Phnompenh 1 night 6 Days/5 Nights
AKR-05 VIS Angkor 5 Nights & Phnompenh 1 night 7 Days/6 Nights
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