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Welcome to discover our tour packages that will offer the exceptional vacation in Nepal, the land of stunning nature and wonderful culture. Splendid culture combined with breathtaking scenery in Kathmandu and around will certainly be a remarkable experience for a lifetime. Touch it and feel it yourselves now…

Tour in Nepal

KATHMANDU BREAKAWAY 4 days / 3 nights Code: NPL-01
Throughout its long history, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal has been a unique patchwork of cultural diversity. Its diverse people with their distinct cultural and tradition have all mingled here, creating the implausible charm to the city.

KATHMANDU REFLECTION 5 days / 4 nights Code: NPL-02
Kathmandu, a living museum city has been a cultural hub of Nepal for thousand of years; it is then unsurprising that this city endows an array of preciously historical and cultural heritage. "Nepal Reflection" tour package will give you and opportunity to appreciate the charming architectural heritages....

SPIRIT OF NEPAL 6 days / 5 nights Code: NPL-03
Asides from a discovery of harmony of Buddhism and Hinduism in and around the Kathmandu Valley, you are granted a chance to trace back to the life of the "Enlightened One" or the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism in Lumbini.

ENCHANTING NEPAL 7 days / 6 nights Code: NPL-04
This prestigious tour is a combination of cultural and natural appreciation. In Kathmandu valley and around, you will be overwhelmed with fascinating architectural works including palaces, squares and temples in their exquisite Nepalese arts.

EXPLORE NEPAL 8 days / 7 nights Code: NPL-05
Nepal, the land of splendid nature and rich culture is waiting for you exploration through its different facets. Explore Nepal tour gives you an opportunity to explore three different regions of the country...

KATHMANDU STOPOVER 3 days / 2 nights Code: NPL-06
This tour is a great opportunity, with a limited time, to appreciate various fascinating attraction in Kathmandu, the capital city and a cultural hub of the country.

NEPAL TREKKING TOURS (Adventure) - 16 Tours Available
This set of tours is consisted of 16 comprehensive Trekking Tours on Nepal and Expedition to Himalaya, ranging from 7 to 25 days. 


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