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Endowed with its richness of natural resources and cultural heritages, Malaysia is one of the ideal tourist destinations. Together, a wide range of accommodations is available to cater holiday makers with all comfort and facilities as well as friendly service of local staffs.

Variety of accommodations ranges from budget level to up-scale hotels scatter in major cities throughout the country.

Relaxed and released in the pleasantly romantic atmosphere with all comforts that hotels in Malaysia have to offer. Accessible facilities with services of excellent quality will make your holidays in Malaysia unforgettable.
»  Cameron Highlands Hotels
Cameron Highlands is Malaysia's premier hill resort. Located in the state of Pahang, on the Main Range of Peninsular Malaysia, at 1524 meters above sea level, ....
»  Ipoh Hotels
Ipoh is the state capital of Perak which is largely known to the outside world as a place where tin miners came to seek their fortune in the heydays of the tin industry, modern-day...
»  Johor Bahru Hotels
Johor Bahru, the capital of Johor State, the third-largest state in the Peninsular Malaysia which covers an area of 19,984 square kilometers at the southern end of the peninsula.
»  Kota Kinabalu Hotels
Kota Kinabalu (or KK as fondly called by locals), the city in eastern Malaysia renowned as a modern gateway to Malaysian Borneo, is the capital city of Sabah state where the state government...
»  Kuala Lumpur Hotels
Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, covers an area of 243.6 sq. km and has a population of 1.5 million. It is the seat of the Federal Government and was declared a Federal Territory on 1st February 1974.
»  Kuantan Hotels 
Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang, located on the east coast of Malaysia guarded by the South China Sea, is not only fast developing as a commercial town but is also a popular seaside resorts
»  Kuching Hotels
Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak which is, at 125,000 square kilometers, the Malaysia's largest state situated on the island of Borneo.
»  Langkawi Hotels
Langkawi comprises a group of 99 tropical islands lying off the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 30 km form Kuala Perlis and 51 km from Kuala Kedah on the mainland.
»  Melaka Hotels
Melaka's population is a polyglot of races comprising Malays, Chinese, Indians, and descendants of the Portuguese and the Baba-Nyonya community who have adopted...
»  Penang Hotels
"The Peal of the Orient" lies off the north-western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The state comprises the island of Penang covering an area of about 285 sq. km and a narrow strip of approximately 760 sq.
»  Selangor Hotels
Selangor has been called the gateway of Malaysia. It is also the industrial hub of Malaysia; the country's largest industrial site is located in Shah Alam, the states capital, just 25 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.
»  Terengganu Hotels
Terengganu is one Malaysian state, truly blessed with a wealth of charming landscapes and natural wonders. Its 225 kilometers coastline of white sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages, captivating offshore islands...
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