Saraburi Hotels Thailand
Saraburi Hotels Thailand

Saraburi, a province in the upper central region of Thailand is rich in tourist attraction resources including natural sites, artifacts, festivals, temples as well as historical sites. Located 108 kilometers from Bangkok and 65 kilometers from Ayutthaya it is conveniently commutable within a day. Topographically the southern and western parts of Saraburi are plateaus 2 meters above sea level. Ranging from plains to plateaus of 8 to10 meters high above sea level broken by mounds and hills, the land gradually rises to the north and the northeast. Saraburi is on the one very important river: the Pasak River which flows through Amphoe Muak - lek, Kaengkhoi, Muang Saraburi and Saohai and meets the Chao Phraya River at Ayutthaya. It s length is 105 kilometers. Important canals are Raphiphat,Roeng - rang Wihandaeng, Phrieo etc.Saraburi extends over an area of 3,576.48 square kilometers and is administratively divided into 11 districts (Amphoe): Muang Saraburi, Kaengkhoi, Nongkhae, Nongsaeng, Banmo, Saohai, Phra Phutthabat,Wihandaeng, Muak-lek, Nongdon, Donphut and Wangmuang.

Muaklek Health Spa & Resort
The Muaklek Health Spa and Resort offers a choice of Deluxe Resort Rooms and Studio-suites, each fully equipped with air- conditioning, mini-bar, coffee/tea maker, in-room safe, cable television, hair dryer, IDD-telephone and a spacious terrace.


Supalai Pasak Resort Hotel & Spa
At only 124 kilometers from Bangkok to Saraburi, a riverside awaits you. On 183 rais of the resort's territory, a resort hotel of more than a hundred modern Thai style bungalows with 200 rooms which can accommodate more than 600 guests were built amidst the abundant natural environment.

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